The processing stage begins with obtaining the metal, checking for suitability and preparing it:
  • cleaning from plaque;
  • cleaning from oil stains *;
  • cutting to size and quantity of ordered products.
* without cleaning, the galvanized coating will poorly cover the pipe.

The products obtained as a result of processing are loaded onto a pallet for the next stage.
Cone making process

To make a cone, we change the shape and dimensions of each workpiece in accordance with the specified parameters. We heat a part of the pipe in an induction heater. Next, we send the workpiece to a rotary forging machine to give it a conical shape, after which the cone is additionally pressed in to make the tip lanceolate.

Coil winding

We begin the spiral winding stage with automated welding equipment. The specialists also check the important elements of the workpiece:

  • welding seams;

  • spiral winding steps;

  • the slope of the spiral.

The accuracy of winding and checking the seams affects the efficiency of the product: in case of poor-quality welding and inclinations, the ground will scroll, enter the ground with increased pressure and it will be impossible to reuse it. After checking the spiral, a specialist will clean out burrs and excess incandescence.

Flange welding

On the automated welding equipment, welding of the flange begins. The welding process takes place on a robot: with its help it is possible to apply the required amount of mixture and weld at the junction of the pipe and flange. Thus, it is possible to reduce the human factor to a minimum and improve the quality of work. At this stage, maximum accuracy is required: if you weld the flange poorly and do not check the seam, there is a high probability that the flange will come off the pipe and you will not be able to screw it into the ground.

Additionally, you can order galvanized finished products. Before shipment, the ground are checked to exclude defects at each of the previous stages (after galvanizing, it will not be possible to correct the mistakes of specialists or a robot).
The galvanizing technology of metal products is regulated by GOST 9.307-89. The ground are suspended and lowered into a zinc bath, after which a high-quality galvanizing process takes place.
Hot-dip galvanizing increases the reliability of the part: durability periods increase up to 150 years.
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