Anchor ground "Svayber" for Rectangular section (pillar)

Length, mm
  •  650/850/1200/1500 mm
Variants of glasses for pillars, mm
  • 40x60 / 62x55 / 40x80 / ​​90x55   
Manufacturing options   
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • powder painting
  • without protective coating
Service life:   up to 150 years 

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Payment and delivery
Modern foundation "Svayber" for Fences, Fences, Pergolas, Sheds, Arches, Greenhouses, Road signs, Signs and many others. Designed for heaving watered soils (loam).
  •   designed for fixing vertical posts (posts) of rectangular cross-section 
  •   fixing the racks is carried out with screws or bolts.
  •   installation is carried out with a hand percussion tool (sledgehammer) or pneumatic-electric tool (jackhammer)

The foundation of the hammer is a sharp cone, ending in a rectangular base with a "glass" for placing the pillar. There are perforated holes in the base to securely fix the post.

  •   Possibilities of self-assembly.
  •   Seasonality of installation is absent.
  •  Installation time of one foundation by one person takes 1 minute. Just drive it into the ground with a 4 kg sledgehammer. Install the post in the base and fix it with self-tapping screws. 
  •   All "dirty" processes are excluded: drilling a hole for a pillar, pouring crushed stone with sand into a well, preparing a concrete solution, concreting and waiting for this solution to set.
  •   You do not waste money and time buying a garden drill, sand, gravel and cement.
  •   You do not leave your site open while you are waiting for the concrete to set, but you have the opportunity to prepare pillars and sections in advance, and install a fence from 40 meters with the help of 2 people in 1 working day.
  •   You do not need additional funds to protect the pole from contact with the ground.

  •   Is it possible to install a anchor foundation in the winter season?

When installed in a forest, there is no need to be afraid that tree roots or frozen ground can slow down the process. This is excluded, because the anchor foundation easily enters the frozen ground and cuts through the roots of the trees.
  •  How does a anchor foundation behave in winter? Will it squeeze it out?

The depth of soil freezing is not important for this type of foundation. Due to the arrow-shaped sharp design of the anchor foundation (small area of ​​the “foot”), during frost heaving, the soil slides along a smooth surface and does not push it “into the street”. Therefore, such a foundation is successfully used for various soils: Clay, Loam, Sands, Frozen and Stony soil.
Ground length, mm
650/850/1200/1500 mm
Internal size of the "glass"
42x62 / 64x57 / 42x82 / 92x57 mm
Wall thickness
from 1.5 to 3 mm
Steel St3
from 1.5 kg


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