Screws ground SVO76 with mounting window

Ground length
  •   from 550 mm to 6000 mm
Ground wall thickness
  • from 2 mm to 4.5 mm
Manufacturing options   
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • powder painting
  • without protective coating
Service life:   up to 150 years 

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Payment and delivery

The screw foundation is a self-tapping screw with a forged tip, making it easy to screw into the ground. And the presence of a spiral does not allow the foundation to move even with deep freezing and spring heaving of the soil. When screwing, the turn-to-turn gaps of the soil are compacted with a spiral of the screw foundation - this explains its high bearing capacity.

The tapered-spiral ground is made of a pipe with a diameter of 76 mm, with a mounting window. Designed for immersion of various adapters or supports of round, rectangular and square cross-section inside the ground cavity, or for welding a head (flange).

Hole options:

  • Ø18 / Ø 24 / Ø 32
  • Any holes are possible at the request of the Customer

The use of a screw foundation allows you to install fences and fences with a greater length in a short time, regardless of the season.

Pros of a screw foundation:

  •   works are carried out all year round;
  •   high speed of construction and low price compared to strip foundations;
  •   the possibility of building almost everywhere, as well as soils with uneven relief;
  •   readiness to accept the design load immediately after construction;
  •   this technology has proven itself well both in the world and here in Russia.

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Individual housing construction
76 mm
Ground length, mm
from 550 to 6000 mm
Wall thickness
from 2 to 4.5 mm
Coil winding length
Depends on the length of the ground
Coil thickness / width
2/10 mm
Number of spiral turns
from 4 to 27
up to 9000 kg
Steel St3
from 2 kg


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