Screws ground with U-flange SVU76

Ground length
  •   from 550 mm to 6000 mm
Ground wall thickness
  • from 2 mm to 4.5 mm
Manufacturing options   
  • hot-dip galvanized
  • powder painting
  • without protective coating
Service life:   up to 150 years 

  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Payment and delivery

The screw foundation is a self-tapping screw with a forged tip, making it easy to screw into the ground. And the presence of a spiral does not allow the foundation to move even with deep freezing and spring heaving of the soil. When screwing, the turn-to-turn gaps of the soil are compacted with a spiral of the screw foundation - this explains its high bearing capacity.

The tapered spiral ground is made of 76 mm diameter pipe with a welded U-flange. Designed for dipping rectangular and square supports or beams into the eyelet vertically and horizontally

Flange options:

  • 50/80/100 for timber
  • Any flanges are possible at the request of the Customer

The use of a screw foundation allows for a short time to install all possible elements, such as a fence and fences, small architectural forms, playgrounds, pergolas, regardless of the season. Currently, screw and anchor foundations are increasingly being used not only in private low-rise construction, but also in the construction of various buildings, structures, small architectural forms and other structures, this is the foundation for private houses, cottages and summer cottages, various types of outbuildings, line supports power transmission lines and water-gas pipelines, solar panels, masts and flagpoles, hangars and warehouses, greenhouses, piers, piers, noise protection screens, pavilions, utility blocks and change houses, various sheds, attractions, stages, children's playgrounds, fences and fences, road signs and signs, benches, mailboxes and many others. dr.

The use of a screw foundation allows you to install fences and fences with a greater length in a short time, regardless of the season.

Pros of a screw foundation:

  •   works are carried out all year round;
  •   high speed of construction and low price compared to strip foundations;
  •   the possibility of building almost everywhere, as well as soils with uneven relief;
  •   readiness to accept the design load immediately after construction;
  •   this technology has proven itself well both in the world and here in Russia.

* The above information is for reference only and is not a public offer.

Individual housing construction
76 mm
Ground length, mm
from 550 to 6000 mm
from 2.6 kg
Wall thickness
from 2 to 4.5 mm
Coil winding length
Depends on the length of the ground
Coil thickness / width
2/10 mm
Number of spiral turns
from 4 to 27
up to 9,000 kg
Steel St3
from 2.6 kg


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